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Pirogies, Polka Dancing, and Piwo! (That’s beer in polish). Yes, please!

One of my favorite annual traditions is visiting the Polish Town Fair in Riverhead. This year they celebrated their 42nd anniversary and even torrential rain couldn’t shut it down. Well, at least not completely. Saturday mornings unsuspecting weather came out of, what seemed like, nowhere.  Streets became instantly flooded, creating the kind of rivers that could take credit for naming the town.   Vendors and families unfortunately had to leave, but the more festive patrons made the best of the situation by  finding shelter at the nearest pub or brewery.  Sometimes, there is nothing that a nice cold glass of beer can’t fix.

Sunday’s fairer skies, however, made way for a truly successful day.  Instead of rain, people and vendors flooded the streets and enjoyed all the fair had to offer. Polish town was blocked off and turned into one big block party.  Parking lots were transformed into outside dining. Corner lots became an amusement park for kids. Local businesses opened up shop selling everything from jewelry to candles to clothes.  Craft beers from long island breweries poured into glasses and the aroma of the best fair food filled the air.  And let’s talk about that food! You can’t get better pirogies than at a polish town fair, and if you haven’t experienced a mozarepa, you don’t know what you are missing.  Imagine a grilled cheese sandwich made with corn bread and mozzarella. Yum!

It’s a great event to go to with family and friends, whether you have kids (or not), and just want something fun to do for the day. If nothing else it’s always great to show up and support your local businesses!


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