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I had a wine glass that was given to me by my father when I was in my early twenties.  The glass was hand painted with a picture of a vine and my name inscribed onto it.  It was always one of my favorite wine glasses to use, and it became even more special to me after my father had passed away.  It recently fell from the cabinet and broke (as most wine glasses tend to do), but I remembered the glass came from a vineyard called Pugliese, and I always wanted to go there.  Finally, that day happily came this weekend, and it was truly picture perfect.

Every vineyard has there own “niche,” and I would say this one is all about being family friendly.  It is one of the only vineyards that allows outside food, so families were coming in with picnic baskets and blankets, buying a bottle of wine, and spending the whole afternoon playing with their children. It was really quite beautiful.  There is one section that has a large vine topped pergola with round tables underneath, that is situated right by the outdoor bar area.  The other side is a large stretch of grass with picnic tables all looking over a pond.  If you are interested in a tasting or just a glass,  the outdoor bar section is where you want to go. If you want a bottle you will have to buy them inside. (Here’s a tip though: I would highly recommend just buying a bottle.  A glass of wine was $9  but the bottle was only $11. Definitely the better option if you can all agree on the same wine).

By the time we got there, it was almost 1:00 and the pergola area was already filled up, so we went over to a picnic table with our bottle of Bella Maria and couldn’t be happier.  Aside from families, this also seemed like a hot spot for bachelorette parties. A new group seemed to come in every 15 minutes.  The great thing that we noticed though, was even with all these people it never felt crowded and no one ever intruded on your space. Families still did their family thing. The bachelorettes did their bachelorette thing. And everyone was as happy as a happy could be. There was a live band for entertainment and even the pond had koi fish and turtles which was fun to watch.

Such a sweet place.  I imagine it will be the backdrop of many memories to come when I have my own family.  And, I’m also happy to report that  the hand painted wine glasses my father had bought me years ago, are still there.

Pugliese Vineyards is located at 34515 Main Rd, Cutchogue, NY 11935. Call (631) 734-4057 for more information.

puglisese pond

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pergola at pug

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