North Fork Roasting Co.

Written by iheartnofo

I may not know much about politics, computers, or designers shoes,  but coffee… coffee I know! And if you can open up your mind to something other than Starbucks (I know it’s hard for us city folks), then the North Fork Roasting Co. is the place you want to go.  It’s easy to miss if you aren’t paying attention because it really just looks like a house, which is exactly what makes this place so special.  Opening the door, you feel as though you are stepping into a moment frozen in time.  A small coffee counter is nestled in the corner and surrounded by the furnishing that can be found in any typical home, (except this house is anything but “typical”). Give me anything old, weathered, and rusty and I am a happy girl. Well, this place embraces all of that and it immediately makes you feel right at home.  Grab your coffee, order your breakfast (try the strawberry flapjacks!) and cozy up on the couch. The waiter will bring your food right over to your coffee table.  After breakfast order up coffee #2 and head outside.  The lawn is decorated with outdoor furniture undoubtedly collected from various yard sales.  Put your feet up, relax, and don’t be surprised if the owners dog, Sinatra, comes by to say hello.  He may even bring you a toy to play fetch.  I mean, could this place be any cuter?  Go and check it out for yourself, and make sure you look around.  Celebrity sightings are known to happen at the NoFo RoCo.

North Fork Roasting Co. is located at 55795 Main Rd, Southold, NY 11971. Call (631) 876-5450 for more information.

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Put your feet up an relax at the NoFo RoCo

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